welcome to my websites... Here are my websites I've created!!

Enjoy & god bless

baxter fans
A fansite, tribute, etc for Meredith Baxter! She played in on the sitcom show Family Ties as Elyse Keaton. She also played in movies too. One of my favorites is "The Betty Borderwick story". She played Betty. This movie is good intense but good. Be sure to check it out.

My FREE graphic website. I offer button bases, icons and more! Come and check out my graphics! Enjoy! :)

David fans
A fan site for actor David W. Harper! He played on the tv show "The Waltons". He played Jimbob Walton. Check out my site!

lady di(Lady Diana)
Here is a fan site or tribute to Princess Diana. She was married to Prince Charles. They got a divorce. Together they had two kids. She died in a car accident on August 31, 1997. Come check out my tribute.

Tyler Fans
- A fan site for Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry. He is a medium. He did work for Latoya Jackson, The mother of the Jenner Family. And much more! Click to find out more. Thanks Tyler for what you do. Your awesome!

Jackson Fans
- A fan tribute to singer Michael Jackson. I loved his music. Such a great singer. He was great! I know about his past. but I don't judge. Nor do I condone. what he did. but is there proof? I don't dis like him. He was great.

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